Star | Suncatcher

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Suncatcher disk in a star-shape (acrylic, diameter 6''), with the swinging rod (fibre-reinforced plastic, length 3'9') and connecting sleeve for mounting the Suncatcher on the swinging rod.


  • Material: Acrylic and Fibre-reinforced plastic
  • Medium Rod 3'9"
  • 6" Diameter
  • Included: Swinging Rod and Connecting Sleeve
1. Pass the screw through the hole of the sun disc and hold it firm.
2. Tighten the connecting sleeve onto the screw on the reverse side. No tools required!
3. When the connecting sleeve is locked, fit the sun disc tightly onto the swinging rod. Enjoy!



    Cazador-Del-Sol Basic Model Hanging

    1. Put the cone on a plane surface and push the Cazador-del-sol on the cone until it clicks and finishes flush with the cone.
    2. Tie a knot in the thread and pass it through the cone (see graph)
    3. Hang up the Cazador wherever you want.

      Tip: Tie the knot as big as possible! If you live in a very windy region we recommend the 0.8 mm thread.